New Moon Musings #1

As I write this, my cat is asleep on my arm and my dog is using my foot as a pillow. I have an hour and a half before work, I just sent out a short email to my subscribers, and the sky is overcast outside my window. It’s a quiet little slice of life, and I’m slowly learning to appreciate these small moments because I know in one year, five years, ten years, I’m going to miss this horribly. Slow down in these dark months, friend. Appreciate the little slices of life. You’re not meant to produce year-round; you’re meant to go at a natural rhythm, which means the rhythm of the seasons.

Tonight, the New Moon enters Sagittarius, the fiery sign of the archer. New moons, generally speaking, are a time to set intentions and allow for growth. With the moon in the position of optimistic Sagittarius, we are being offered a sense of new hope and a sense of expansion.

That said, this last month has been a profound and exhausting one. After Scorpio’s new moon eclipse, I was feeling pretty drained, but also somehow excited for what was to come. I’ve been working with clients, taking on new clients, revamped the podcast, and decided writing a book was a good idea (it is, it’s also a lot of work).

Most notably, on November 12th, I celebrated my Second Birthday with some close family and friends. My actual birthday is in late March, but on November 13th, 2020, I came out to my mom as nonbinary. She wasn’t the first in my family to know, but after talking to her I began to really explore what being “out” meant for me, and how I could best express externally the way I’ve felt on the inside for years. It’s been a long journey, and I celebrated by thanking those who have supported me during this time — through name changes, pronoun experimentation, and the rollercoaster of starting and stopping hormone therapy. I know I don’t share much about my gender experience here, but my nonbinary-ness is important to me, and and is key to how I read the cards on the table. I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of those around me.

This week, the United States recognizes Thanksgiving as a national holiday. While the origins and practices of the original Thanksgiving are problematic at best and genocidal at worst, it does offer a nationwide opportunity to practice gratitude. On this new moon, I want you to think of something you are entirely, wholly grateful for, and set an intention to manifest more of that in your life.

Personally? I’m grateful for you. (Yes, that’s super corny. But that doesn’t make it any less true.) Whether you’re a long-time friend or signed up for these newsletters after a chance reading, I’m grateful our paths crossed. You’ve helped me learn, grow, and expand in ways I didn’t know were possible. My intention as the moon waxes is to be fully present during my readings, and to approach all my relationships from a point of, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I think we’ll all be better off for it.

Some things to consider:
What are you grateful for? How can you cultivate more gratitude in your life? Where do you want to expand?

May the Moon guide you,
Mica Sage

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