About me

Hi there! I’m Mica Sage (they/them) of Mica Sage Tarot. When people ask how I got started on tarot, I always say, “I blame my sister,” which is partially true – she did pique my interest in the craft. But what got me hooked was a psychotic episode involving a gender crisis, hallucinations, and a complete loss of my self.

What I jokingly refer to as my “pandemic hobby” helped me remember who I am, in terms of both gender and personality. Tarot (and traditional talk-therapy) gently brought me back to reality, and in it I found a stern-but-loving tool for healing. It provided the no-nonsense answers I so desperately needed, from “You already know what you’re supposed to be doing, so why aren’t you doing it?” to “If you don’t knock that off, it’s going to cause a lot of trouble later.” I spent years devouring every tarot book I could get my hands on, and completed the Learn The Tarot Basics and Master Tarot Card Meanings classes held on Biddytarot.com. I believe it is a lifelong learning process, and I can’t wait to see what else the cards have to teach me.

I deeply value clarity, and I have yet to meet a tool more clear or effective than tarot. It is this clarity I pass along to my clients, in the same loving-but-stern voice in which tarot speaks to me. Whether the question is about exploring a new gender or if the errands you’ve been putting off can wait until tomorrow, I try to make tarot accessible to every single person who sits across the table from me.

I want to use this tool to guide, help, and counsel others. Join me as I apply tarot to hiking, literature, and every day life! Do you have a question? Let’s find an answer.

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