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  • September Newsletter

    Oops! The first of the month came and went, and I was not prepared! Ah well, better late than never, n’est pas? Contents In this issue of the newsletter, I have some very exciting announcements to make! But first, I want to express my gratitude, discuss the events of the last month, and share some […]

  • Where Am I Going?

    Let’s recap: In January of this year, Mica Sage Tarot wasn’t even a conception. Readings were just something I did for a little extra gas money. As of July 23rd, it’s a full-fledged LLC with its own licensing and everything! I went from being lucky to see one customer in a day to needing a […]

  • Recommended Reads

    It’s no secret that learning or deepening your understanding of tarot is a tricky task at best, and can feel Sisyphean at worst. Where to begin? Is this author credible? How do I know who to trust? And on, and on, and on… While you are the greatest authority in your relationship to the cards, […]

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Mica is a tarot reader, intuitive, and highly creative.

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