How much is a tarot reading and how long does it take?
A tarot reading is $45 USD. I tell folks to budget about half an hour, though if more time is needed I’ll happily extend up to roughly 45-50 minutes. It’s a flat rate, though. I don’t like doing math and working under time limits.

What is tarot?
At its most basic, tarot is a system of 78 cards with images on them, and each image conveys a certain meaning. The history and lore is abundant around these cards, but I like to think of them as a conversation with the subconscious (and of course, from your subconscious arises your guides, ancestors, energy, and Spirit). A tarot reading is basically an energetic conference, during which we decipher what the cards/your subconscious are trying to communicate with you.

Can you tell the future?
No. You are in charge of your future. We can look at some things that may happen, but all of the “fortune telling” is based on the current patterns and trajectories that you’re taking. If you don’t like the outcome, it’s up to you to change the present.

Are you psychic?
Yes! Honestly, I didn’t think I was for quite some time, until I was talking to an astrologer who told me I had some powerful psychic placements. I mentioned my doubt to her, saying, “I’m just really intuitive and empathic.” She gave me a hard look and said, “Honey, what do you think a psychic is?” Well, when you put in those terms…

As I’ve been leaning into my psychic abilities more, I find I’m quite good at connecting with those who have crossed over into the life after this one. I don’t guarantee psychic moments or connections during readings, but they do come up.

Do you do astrology or palmistry or chakra alignment or reiki?
No, but I can direct you towards people who do.

Can you cast a spell to help me get my ex back?
No. Move on, babe.

Do you teach or hold classes for tarot?
Not formally, but I am open to working with you as a mentor to help you further your connection with the cards.

What is tarot life coaching?
Basically, life coaching is where you and I sit down and figure out where you’re at in life, where you want to be, and what needs to be done to get there. Since tarot cards are so to-the-point, I like to use them to find the deeper meanings of what’s blocking you, be it a habit, belief, or past event that you’re struggling to move on from. I also will use the cards during sessions to check in with your progress.
I’m constantly learning and will gladly work with any issue that may arise, but I find the areas I thrive in are: processing grief, empowerment and confidence, and working with LGBTQ+ folx.

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