An Offer Just For You —

Drumroll, please!

I have an opening in my schedule to take on a new tarot coaching client!

Tarot coaching turned out to be the dream job I never knew I wanted — because I had to make up the term! My own journey with tarot was so profound and healing, and being able to utilize this amazing tool to help others has been incredibly rewarding.
Now, I’m ready to start taking on more clients (you!). As a newsletter recipient, only you and a very select few are privy to this information; I haven’t released this to the world at large.

Tarot coaching is different from therapy in that we focus on your future and getting you where you want to be. While we certainly will deal with past events and emotions, the primary focus is getting you moving forward. I designed tarot coaching after realizing that I wanted to help my clients achieve the goals they asked me about, rather than wonder if I’d ever see them again.

My coaching set-up is similar to Netflix, in that it’s a monthly subscription at a flat rate, and you can cancel at any time. As a Beta client, you get an additional 20% off your subscription price!

What this means for you:
– Up to 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with me per month
– Utilizing tarot cards to help connect to your subconscious mind and intuitive self
– Personalized assistance to help you reach your specific goals and uncover the blocks in your path
– Support between sessions via e-mail or messaging services
– Single card draws on request

Here’s what my clients have said about working with me:

I feel much more grounded and affirmed, thank you for helping to clear up a lot of what was going on [this last week].


I really liked how working with you was a down to earth approach in getting in touch with my own intuition and helped set attainable goals for myself.


So, what do you say? Do I have your curiosity? E-mail or message me and we’ll set up a FREE 30-minute chat to see if tarot coaching is a good fit for you.

May the Moon guide you,
Mica Sage

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