Where Am I Going?

Let’s recap:

In January of this year, Mica Sage Tarot wasn’t even a conception. Readings were just something I did for a little extra gas money. As of July 23rd, it’s a full-fledged LLC with its own licensing and everything! I went from being lucky to see one customer in a day to needing a waiting list. Everywhere I look, doors are practically flying off their hinges, they’re opening so fast. Hooray!

If you haven’t had a reading from me yet, well, you should. I’m great. And it’s not just me saying that: I have a healthy list of satisfied clients, from the skeptics-turned-believers to the ones who genuinely wanted help and direction — and got exactly what they were looking for.

Now, let’s look forward:

I want to be able to guide you on a deeper level than what we can get out of a 30-40 minute tarot reading. I’m a healer by calling, and while I certainly don’t mind helping you decide which job to take or whether or not to move, my soul lies in those really tough, meaty questions: “I need some direction in my life,” or “How do I integrate the dark and light sides of myself?” and “I know I need to heal, but I don’t know where to start.” Those are the topics that light my inner fire. Yessss babe, let’s dig in!

In order to help you more in-depth, I am constantly studying. Even after three years of practicing, I’m still learning tarot from every angle I can get my hands on. I signed up for classes on Vedic Astrology so we can see what the literal stars have to say about your path. I plan to study dreamwork, possibly sound therapy, and offer those as services, too. Tarot is just the beginning.

What does this all mean for right now? Well, not a lot. I’m still going to be at Radiance Herbs & Massage five days a week, and I’m preparing to partner with a local coffee shop for biweekly events in the fall. I hope to have the podcast published by the beginning of next year. I’m also working on getting a monthly newsletter up and going, which means the most immediate thing will be collecting email addresses. But it’s not just for newsletters; I will also be sharing about events and special offers (like discounted readings during my birthday week).

All of this to say: the Wheel of Fortune is constantly turning, and I am constantly moving. Can I have your email address, please?

May the Moon guide you,

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